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How often should I replace my car battery?

when should i change my car battery

People tend to fear driving their cars during winters. Car batteries often cause more trouble in cold weather. In weather conditions when the temperature falls to single digits, it gets difficult to trust your car. However, with the latest technology in the automotive industry, people are more confident about their cars now. Even in winters, one can fearlessly rely on their cars.


Since it is sensible to get regular checks, you must take your car to a mechanic. Checking the batteries in cold weather is very essential. If you take preventive measures and regular services, you might not require these checks. Earlier, people used to line their cars up for batteries check. People are now more serious about a preventive measure. You must get starter tests and battery charging on a regular basis. If your vehicle fails to pass of the tests, make sure you immediately replace the batteries.

What is the maximum age of a car battery

Even though we want you to get the most out of batteries, we do not want you to face any issues during the drive. There is no possible way that one can get to know about the life of batteries. Some batteries might last for 6 years while others may require a change within 2 years. Therefore, getting regular services is more advisable.

Test Your Battery in Every Six Month

If your battery has been in use for 4 years and manages to pass all tests, we still advise you to replace them. If the mechanic suggests getting a new battery, ensure to do so. This might help you avoid any uneventful incident.

Use Quality Products

Make sure that you buy the best quality batteries. Never compromise with the quality of the product because of its price. A good quality battery has a longer life and requires less maintenance. Having a safe drive is better than being an accident.

Charging Your Battery

If you check that your car battery is not starting your car, you must either go to the mechanic or unplug it from the car and can charge yourself. It depends what the type of charger you got is safe for you. Make sure you choose a good charger. When charging your car’s battery, it is not only safer, but better for your battery to opt for the slow charging method.  A fast charge will help you to increases the potential of overcharging your battery.


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