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Get Speedy & doorstep cash for your old, unwanted and junk car in Brisbane; you can get up to $9999. Car removals in Brisbane take your unwanted, used or old cars away from your place and provide you 20% extra cash than other cash providers. If you have any vehicle which is not in running condition & costs too much, no wonder our experts will give you a free quote for your car. QLDCARREMOVALS is one of the best-trusted companies in Brisbane. Our team will always support you regarding your queries. Our company will offer you free towing in all suburbia of Brisbane.

Ultimate Solution to Turn your Old Car into Dollars –

  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for damaged car
  • Top Cash for used car
  • Cash for unwanted car
  • Cash for old cars

For Removal of Old Vehicles in Brisbane - Give a Call Today 07 3082 6496

No wonder for car condition. We will give you the best cash for car Brisbane no matter of model, design & its running condition. Isn’t that impressive? So, What to think so much – if you have a broken down or damaged car in your house? Get in touch with us for prompt car disposal that makes your parking clean and open for your new vehicle. You don’t have to wait for few days for car removal. We will collect your car on the same day as you call our support for picking up your vehicle.

How It Works?


Now Selling your Vehicle becomes Easy!!

When your vehicle gets old enough and stops functioning, then it is the time to get rid of the old damaged vehicle. In Brisbane and all its surrounding areas, we often try to dispose of our old cars. We come across many issues such as; which company is best for car removals? Is the company insured and registered? Out of so many considerations, people often refrain from selling their car. Don’t worry! You can contact Qld Car Removals Brisbane anytime! You will get the high payout for the still-working parts and materials.

Our Wrecking Services

Get Highest Payout Cash & Quick Removal: Ask Any time 07 3082 6496

Brisbane Car Removal prefers to pay instant cash to customers. We have an expert, experienced team with an accurate idea of the various car parts of different models. Brisbane Car Removal pays you instant cash for your car and prefers you the right price of your vehicle spare parts. The best part of our service is you will not bear any expenses when you call our team to pick up your car. You will get 100% free towing service. Car removal service is the best way to earn some money from your damaged vehicle instead of letting it drop on your driveway.

Junk Car Removals Brisbane

Why Choose Us?

Make sure to select the best Car Removal service in Brisbane. We are the ultimate destination to sell your used car. If you want to get the highest payout for your damaged or used car, then we are the best solution for you. We provide our services to all areas of Brisbane like- Mansfield Qld & in all north & south side of Brisbane. Let’s have a light on particular features of our services-

  • The highest payout for your damaged or old vehicle
  • A registered and insured company
  • 100% free car towing & removal services
  • Doorstep cash for a registered or not registered car, truck or van
  • Huddle-free & convenient way of selling old cars in Brisbane
  • Fully technical support

What to think so much? If you have any old vehicle in your house no matter whether it is damaged, broken or unwanted, then get in touch with our company. Let’s discuss over a call.

We love to buy these manufactures-

We will always pay the best amount according to our expert’s quotation for the models. There are specific makes from European & Korean. Japanese, American. Car removal service provider always gives you free disposal services at various salvage yards in QLD including Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Isuzu & Citroen. Land Rover, Jeep, Peugeot, Land Rover, Jeep, Holden, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki.

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

Our Locations

The best car removal experience in the city of Brisbane and its nearby suburbs

Do you want a genuine and renowned vehicle scrapper service that can avail your car from anywhere in Brisbane? You are at the right place. Quick picking, instant cash and free towing from your site is our prime concern. We have experience of 10+ years in the car removal industry and have the best clutch on the vehicle’s condition. You can sell your vehicle to us whatever the condition is. We generally don’t care.

We accept all types of models like-trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, car, vans and much more. We will take all the vehicle of all brands. Let us help you with scrap or damaged car removal services in Brisbane. Please give us all the details of your car and see how much you get from your old damaged car. Furthermore, make a quote with us & remove the damaged car for cash.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

It is obvious to arrive questions in your mind that what we do with your old cars and how we pay the attractive cash refunds for even the old vehicles. Basically, at QLD Car Removals Brisbane, we perform the various activity with the car parts. Based on the present conditions of your vehicle, we recycle, repair or even resell your old car. Our expert team decides the current market valuation of the parts and materials and you receive the cash based on that.

We have a large inventory of used car parts of different makes and models. That is very helpful for the existing users. They can easily purchase the parts from us. Whether you stay at Gabba or Logan or Northgate or anywhere in the city, you can directly visit us for any car removal or car wrecking needs.

As we know, when a car is no longer running or it has been in an accident. Then, the car is considered junk. It can no longer be fixed. Hence Junk Car Removals Brisbane comes in handling. We Remove that junk car that you no longer needed and also pay good cash for it to you. So why wait, let’s free up your space in the house by removing that old car. We are a renowned Car Wreckers in Queensland, so you do not have to worry about our services, we will make sure that you are one of our thousands of customer who is satisfied with others.
Why people opt for quick car removal services in Brisbane or another part of Australia? You must know that what after the dispose of your car. There are several reasons to opt for the services of auto recycling where vehicles life becomes the end. In other words, any untrustworthy written-off (collision damage, fire damage, water immersion or weather event damage, parts stripping, dismantling) vehicle as per the motor vehicle Queensland are also the part of permanent removals. Our team help you to get rid of that kind of vehicles from your place in Brisbane or nearest cities.
Well, that depends on the make & condition of your car. We will make you a free cash offer that is decided on the different factors of your vehicle. For example, if it will be recycled & parts refurbished. Then your car will be based on factors like the vehicle’s weight. If it is resold, then we’ll view its market value & its running condition.
You need to contact QLD Car Removal and provide all the details of your vehicle. Its age, condition, make, model, odometer reading, & vehicle identification number. By that information, we’ll make you the best cash offer if you accept our offer. We will also ask you to have your title of ownership so that you can sign a scrap certificate of the vehicle. We will also need your photo ID to confirm your identity. So we request you to park your car in an easy to access area.
Your car towing will take less than an hour when our towing specialist arrives. They will inspect your vehicle and then provide you sales contract to sign. The entire process takes about 20-60 minutes to complete.
To get a cash quote for the junk car. You need to call us on the phone or complete our “Get Free Quote” form located at the top right of this page.
Yes, we do! But, not in the manner that doesn’t make it valuable disposal. Our car disposals involve recycling the steel and non-working parts of your vehicle. We also do refurbishing the non-working parts. Our process is one that focuses on the least imprint on the environment. And the most cash in your pocket.

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