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Car and Truck Industry: An Industry beyond Imagination

Car and Truck Industry: An Industry beyond Imagination

Car and truck industry is one of the fastest growing industries in a global level. It would not be wrong if we say that car and truck industry shares the maximum percentage of the automobile industry in terms of sales. This industry involves a wide range of the companies that deals with the automobiles. It includes those industries which are focused towards producing, designing, marketing and selling the cars and trucks throughout the world. According to a source (global car and truck forecast LMC [2014] (28)), the car and truck industry would reach to 83.4 million units till the year 2019 in terms of production and sales. This is growth rate which is the highest till date.

Car Industry

The car industry is for sure an industry with the most number of sales. A car could be said as a wheeled motor vehicle that is used for transportation of goods as well as humans. Generally it is used as a mode of transportation by human beings. It can vary from one seat to eight seat as the size of the car may be. The car industry has brought itself to a level from where people see it as one of the innovating and technological industry. This industry has grown ever since the cars came into an existence and is still growing. This industry got its pace since the beginning of 20th century.

The car industry has designed, developed and created and sold the world an uncountable number of cars. It has delivered the world almost 70 million car in the year 2008. Car industry is not an industry which has produced in terms of number only, but it has created a world for innovations and new ideas.

Truck Industry

Truck industry or trucking industry is one of the most beneficial industry that has given the world a great pace. We haven’t even realized that most of the transportation of goods or the freight is done through trucks only. This is unimaginable what would happen when the truck industry stops working even for one day as if this industry stops the world would stop. This industry produces truck for every other industry, be it agriculture, medicinal or food industry trucks are an inseparable part of the world.

The truck is also called as lorry and is designed in a way to carry and transport cargo and other materials in bulk from one place to another. They can vary in size, wheels, and power and storage capabilities. These trucks are mostly in use for commercial purposes.

Trucking industry is also an industry of innovations. No- a-days trucks are also used in the film industry especially for songs and action scenes.

Car and truck industry is for sure an industry which is needed by this generation. It is the backbone of the 21st century and which really needs energy and new ideas for its growth. This industry requires support and innovations from this generation to make this industry more significant and useful for the world.

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