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What is the difference between a Scrap Car and a Salvage Car?

What is the difference between a Scrap Car and a Salvage Car?

There are different varieties of the same product available in the market. Thanks to globalisation, people from different parts of the world can avail of their services. Each range has a particular function, and the customers can use it for their convenience. It is understandable that it is a specialisation that sets one product apart from the other. They form a part of the features of the product that customers scrutinise before they purchase the article. The price and service life of the commodity also depend on these features.

Like all other commodities, there are varieties of cars as well. There are various brands and models of vehicles that are known for their own unique set of features. It is essential that individuals who deal with the purchase and sale of cars must have adequate information about the vehicle. That helps them understand the value of the car, market it in a better manner, sell it at a good price and buy cars a reasonable price too. Even when cars become old and cannot work any longer, they can put into various categories. By these categories, individuals get an idea about the price they can expect in exchange for the car.

What is the difference between a Scrap car and a Salvage car?

As the name suggests, there are differences between scrap cars and salvage cars. Scrap cars refer to waste cars or cars that are of no use any longer. Their condition usually results from continuous use over the years. These cars are beyond repair, and they are only suitable for recycling. It does not contain any viable parts that can come into use for rehabilitation and for replacing parts in other cars.

On the other hand, salvage cars have specific problems, but they are in a comparatively better condition than scrap cars. They have parts that function correctly and so that they can retrieve the components for use in other vehicles. They can be cars that have been in accidents or natural disasters. However, even if they do not work, their parts may be in proper condition.

Where to sell scrap and salvage cars?

Some firms offer wrecking services and offer to buy old, scrap and salvage cars. These companies provide individuals with a reasonable price in exchange for their vehicle. They offer a price by their assessment of the vehicle and other details that they may require during the sale.
The firms also offer free car removal, free car assessment, and free price quote services. These services remain free of charge even if the individual decides not to sell the car to the firm.

How does it work?

The individual has to call the firm and let them know that he/she wants to sell his/her car. A representative from the firm will ask for the necessary details of the car and set up a meeting with the owner. The date, time and location for the meeting set as per the seller’s choice. The professional from the firm comes to the customer’s site. That is also done to make the process convenient even for sellers living in the interior and suburban areas.

After the professional is done assessing the car, he/she offers a price to the seller. If the seller agrees, car removal takes places immediately. The owner also gets the payment in cash, and they get free car pick-up services.

Owners can call at any time to book an appointment with the firm. The professionals at the firm guide the owners through the entire sale process to make it easy and customer-friendly.

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