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The Car Ford Australia’s CEO Fell in Love With

The Car Ford Australia’s CEO Fell in Love With

A car that has got all the latest features with an eye-catching look can easily make anyone fall in love with. The same happened with Ford CEO. He fell in love with one of the company’s latest launch Mustang. The launch event of Mustang happened in 2018. At the event, Graeme Whickman made highlights when he said he will take one for himself. He revealed that he has already placed an order for the car as he loved it. The model he ordered was a grey vinyl wrap.

He stated in an interview, that “In the car, he took a ride from Melbourne to Albury with his son by his side. It was four hours ride. The car is so extravagant that he fell in love with it. He will have one of it by July end”.

Mustang RHD biggest market-Australia

Mustang RHD biggest market-Australia
During the conversation with Whickman, we asked him a lot of questions about the car. He was asked whether large input from Ford Australia went in the development of the Mustang. He answered that Mustang’s largest right-hand-drive market in Australia. The sales in Australia are four to five times more than in the UK. The car is so popular that the feedback received is from

Ford’s Aussie arm some clout.

He added the car is has got an amazing sale. The popularity of the car increases day by day. by launching this car we got a privilege to inject the voice of Australians preference. Carl, our global product chief has already mentioned this. Carl has previously stated“anyone will be awestruck by the interior and the add ons which can clearly be seen. It is the finish of the materials, and the driver-assist approach that are newly added makes it extravagant. These all have been specially designed according to the preference of the Australians.”

The idea from the development of the car was taken from everywhere. The idea was taken from the focus group. The company has worked on even the smallest detail. The Australians requested to have leather down in the footwell. The presence of which makes it compete with the other luxury carmakers.

Mustang exceeded the expectations of Ford’s sales

The next question was if the sales of the car have surprised the company even. He answered and stated “the sales of the car blew away our expectations. It’s a surprise for us but we are also pleased. We are proud that we have worked to fulfil the expectations of the people, they have in a car. The result is pretty cool. We get excited when we receive such amazing feedback from the people. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction that our product is loved by people.”

He further stated that in 2017, 9000 Mustangs got delivered to the owners. A year before saw a sale of 6000 Mustangs. This made us question the CEO that according to him why is it so popular among Australians. He replied I guess it because of the customers who have an affinity for a performance car.

The reason behind the high price of Mustang

The CEO was even questioned about the reason for its high price. He said it is all because of the new add ons along with engineering refinements. He further added about the price that “when the price of the last manufactured vehicle and Mustang are compared the difference can clearly be seen. A lot more additions are in the car and it is completely changed. As you will see the engine is reworked with more power and torque. For better performance, handling has been improved.” He even stated about the new model comes with an array of safety assists. For our driver-assist technology, we have added an AEB pedestrian. The vehicle is well equipped with adaptive cruise control and 12 and a half inch clusters. The vehicle is also equipped with other add ons so that the customers get satisfied.

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