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4 Facts about Electric Cars that will Surprise You

4 Facts about Electric Cars that will Surprise You

The availability of electricity is a boon to all of us. We cannot imagine spending even one day without it. The electrical appliances that we use on a day to day basis make our lives easier and help us to save time in this fast pace life. Modern inventions have taken us further into the future. From washing plates to drying clothes, from warming food to grinding spices, all can be done with the use of electricity and various appliances. Keeping all this in mind, how would you feel if your car would run on electricity too? Imagine the long lines at the gas station and the expense for the fuel; you will not need to bother about them again!

Four cool things you should know about electric cars

Earlier consumers were not keen on using electric cars but that trend is about to change. With the latest developments in technology and the facilities that electric cars offer over their alternatives, they could become very popular. Electric cars can be the future of the automobile industry. Following are some facts about electric cars that will surprise and might encourage you to invest in one.

They offer good speed

One of the most common misconceptions people have about electric cars is that they do not provide the same speed or stylish design that fuel run cars offer. However, this is not true because electric cars can rise up to a high speed more conveniently than cars that use gas because electric vehicles have more torque. Moreover, the most recent models of electric cars can surpass many brands of fuel run cars that are have set high standards for their speed.

Quick and Easy Car Charging

If you still think that the electric car will take many days to charge, you are living in the past! Earlier electric cars would take longer to charge and travel to a range of a certain limit. However, with technological developments car batteries can charge to full capacity overnight. Some supercharging stations can charge the cars within an hour. If you are worried about forgetting to plug the battery to charge, there are wireless chargers available that will start charging your car automatically when the car stops if the battery needs charging.

Pocket-friendly maintenance

Consumers who own fuel run cars have to spend a hefty sum on its maintenance. Fuel run cars need replacement of the spark plugs and engine belts, along with regular oil changes. On the other hand, electric cars do not even have to face problems like clogging of the valves s they do not have a combustion engine. The only repair that an electric car need is the replacement of the battery which is usually after 10 years. Moreover, there is a great possibility that the prices of batteries are going to decrease. Considerably due to mass production and development in cell chemistry.

Improvement in range of the cars

Consumers may still be under the impression that the limit of the range of electric cars is very low. The range of the car refers to the distance it can travel per charge (for electric cars). However, latest inventions show that some electric cars have been able to achieve a range of up to 337 miles. This makes it convenient for users to switch to using electric cars as the fuel run cars provide a range of 300-400 miles. Moreover, according to predictions manufacturers are also developing electric cars that offer a range of 500 miles per charge, which is higher than the range of fuel run cars.

Are you ready to switch to electric cars?

Electric cars are the way forward. Their low-cost maintenance and high efficiency make them a great choice for today’s consumers. Manufacturers are adding new features to the cars and trying to improve it day by day. So it’s a great idea to let go of your old car and bring in an electric car in its place. To get rid of your old car you can contact us through the information on our website. We offer to buy cars of any age and in any condition in exchange for great prices.

So what are you waiting for? Go switch to an electric car today!

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